The SPECIAL NATURAL AREA DISTRICT is a Special Purpose District designated by the letters "NA" in which special regulations set forth in Zoning Reaolution Article X, Chapter 5, apply. The SPECIAL NATURAL AREA DISTRICT appears on the “zoning maps” superimposed on other districts, and its regulations supplement or modify those of the districts on which it is superimposed. The SPECIAL NATURAL AREA DISTRICT includes any district whose designation begins with the letters "NA".

SPECIAL NATURAL AREA DISTRICTS may be mapped only in areas where outstanding “natural features” or areas of natural beauty are to be protected. The preservation of such areas is important because they contain areas of special ecological significance, interesting geological formulations and rock outcrops, unique aquatic features such as tidal wetlands, unique topographic features such as palisades, valleys and hills, important plant life such as glaciated oak-chestnut forests or because they serve as habitats for native flora and fauna. A SPECIAL NATURAL AREA DISTRICT may include one or more “natural features”.

A “public park” may be included in a SPECIAL NATURAL AREA DISTRICT only where it is part of a designated larger natural ecological system.