The SPECIAL SCENIC VIEW DISTRICT is a Special Purpose District designated by the letters "SV" in which the special regulations set forth in Zoning Resolution Article X, Chapter 2, apply to all “developments”,
“enlargements” and “signs”. Each SPECIAL SCENIC VIEW DISTRICT shall appear on the “zoning maps” superimposed on other districts, when designated, and its regulations supplement or
modify those of the districts on which it is superimposed. The SPECIAL SCENIC VIEW DISTRICT is that portion of the area beneath a “view plane” where the regulations of this Chapter shall apply. The “Special Scenic View District” includes any district whose designation begins with letters "SV". The boundaries of each “Special Scenic View District” shall be described and made part of this Chapter.

SPECIAL SCENIC VIEW DISTRICT may be mapped only in areas where the control of the height of a “building or other structure” and “signs” is necessary to preserve outstanding “scenic views” from a mapped “public park” or an esplanade or a mapped public place.