A LARGE-SCALE COMMUNITY FACILITY DEVELOPMENT is a DEVELOPMENT or ENLARGEMENT used predominantly for COMMUNITY FACILITY USES, on a tract of land containing a single ZONING LOT or two or more ZONING LOTS that are contiguous or would be contiguous but for their separation by a STREET or a STREET intersection, which tract of land:
(a) has or will have an area of at least three acres; and
(b) is designated as a tract, all of which is to be used, DEVELOPED or ENLARGED as a unit:
(1) under single fee ownership or alternate ownership arrangements as set forth in the ZONING LOT definition in Section 12-10 (DEFINITIONS) for all ZONING LOTS comprising the DEVELOPMENT or

(2) under single fee, alternate or separate ownership, either:
(i) pursuant to an urban renewal plan for the DEVELOPMENT of a designated urban renewal area containing such tract of land; or
(ii) through assemblage by any other governmental agency, or its agent, having the power of

Such tract of land may include any land occupied by BUILDINGS existing at the time an application is submitted to the City Planning Commission under the provisions of Article VII, Chapter 9, provided that such BUILDINGS form an integral part of the LARGE-SCALE COMMUNITY FACILITY DEVELOPMENT.

A LARGE-SCALE COMMUNITY FACILITY DEVELOPMENT shall be located entirely in a RESIDENCE DISTRICT or in a C1, C2, C3 or C4-1 District and shall in no event be considered as a GENERAL LARGE-SCALE DEVELOPMENT.