The term "minor alterations" shall mean minor changes or modifications in a building or any part thereof, excluding additions thereto, that do not in any way affect health or the fire or structural safety of the building.

Minor alterations shall include the repair or replacement of any fixture, piping or faucets from the inlet side of a trap to any exposed stop valve.

Minor alterations shall not include the cutting away of any wall, floor, or roof CONSTRUCTION, or any portion thereof; or the removal, cutting, or modification of any beams or structural supports; or the removal, change, or closing of any required means of egress; or the rearrangement or relocation of any parts of the building affecting loading or exit requirements, or light, heat, ventilation, or elevator requirements; nor shall minor alterations or ordinary repairs include additions to, alterations of, or rearrangement, relocation, replacement, repair or removal of any portion of a standpipe or sprinkler system, water distribution system, house sewer, private sewer, or drainage system, including leaders, or any soil, waste or vent pipe, or any gas distribution system, or any other work affecting health or the fire or structural safety of the building.