(a) Changes or replacements in the non-structural parts of a BUILDING OR OTHER STRUCTURE, without limitation to the following examples:

(1) alteration of interior partitions to improve livability in a NON-CONFORMING RESIDENTIAL BUILDING provided that no additional DWELLING UNITS are created thereby;

(2) a minor addition on the exterior of a RESIDENTIAL BUILDING, such as an open porch;

(3) alteration of interior non-load-bearing partitions in all other types of BUILDINGS OR OTHER STRUCTURES;

(4) replacement of, or minor changes in, the capacity of utility pipes, ducts, or conduits; or

(b) Changes or replacements in the structural parts of a BUILDING OR OTHER STRUCTURE, limited to the following examples or others of similar character or extent:

(1) making windows or doors in exterior walls;

(2) replacement of building facades;

(3) strengthening the load-bearing capacity, in not more than 10 percent of the total FLOOR AREA, to permit the accommodation of a specialized unit of machinery or equipment. To ALTER INCIDENTALLY is to make an INCIDENTAL ALTERATION.