The WATER FRONT AREA is the geographical area comprising all BLOCKS between the pierhead line and a line 800 feet landward from the SHORELINE. Where such line intersects a BLOCK, the entire BLOCK shall be included and the WATER FRONT AREA boundary shall coincide with the centerline of the landward boundary STREET or other BLOCK boundary.

Notwithstanding the above, any ZONING LOT, the boundaries of which were established prior to November 1, 1993, and which is not closer than 1,200 feet from the SHORELINE at any point and which does not abut a waterfront public park shall not be included in the WATER FRONT AREA.

For the purposes of this definition, only BLOCKS along waterways that have a minimum width of 100 feet between opposite SHORELINES, with no portion downstream less than 100 feet in
width, shall be included within the WATER FRONT AREA.