The SURFACE AREA of a SIGN shall be the entire area within a single continuous perimeter enclosing the extreme limits of writing, representation, emblem, or any figure of similar character, together with any material or color forming an integral part of the display or used to differentiate such SIGN from the background against which it is placed. In any event, the supports or uprights on which such SIGN is supported shall not be included in determining the SURFACE AREA of a SIGN.

When two SIGNS of the same shape and dimensions are mounted or displayed back to back and parallel on a single free-standing structural frame, only one of such SIGNS shall be included in
computing the total SURFACE AREA of the two SIGNS. When a double-faced SIGNS projects from the wall of a BUILDING, and its two sides are located not more than 28 inches apart at the widest point and not more than 18 inches apart at the narrowest point, and display identical writing or other representation, the SURFACE AREA shall include only one of the sides. Any additional side of a multi-faced SIGN shall be considered as a separate SIGN for purposes of computing the total SURFACE AREA of the SIGN