A SIGN is any writing (including letter, word, or numeral), pictorial representation (including illustration or decoration), emblem (including device, symbol, or trademark), flag, (including
banner or pennant), or any other figure of similar character, that:

(a) is a structure or any part thereof, or is attached to, painted on, or in any other manner represented on a BUILDING OR OTHER STRUCTURE;

(b) is used to announce, direct attention to, or advertise; and

(c) is visible from outside a BUILDING. A SIGN shall include writing, representation or other figures of similar character, within a BUILDING, only when illuminated and located in a window.
However, non-illuminated signs containing solely non-commercial copy with a total SURFACE AREA not exceeding 12 square feet on any ZONING LOT, including memorial tablets or signs displayed for the direction or convenience of the public, shall not be subject to the provisions of the Zoning Resolution.