LOT COVERAGE is that portion of a ZONING LOT which, when viewed directly from above, would be covered by a BUILDING or any part of a BUILDING. However, for purposes of computing a HEIGHT FACTOR, any portion of such BUILDING covered by a roof which qualifies as OPEN SPACE, or any terrace, balcony, breeze way, or porch or portion thereof not included in the FLOOR AREA of a BUILDING, shall not be included in LOT COVERAGE.

When a HEIGHT FACTOR is not computed for a RESIDENTIAL BUILDING or RESIDENTIAL portion of a BUILDING, the portion of any balcony which does not project from the face of the BUILDING shall be counted as LOT COVERAGE, but other obstructions permitted pursuant to Section 23-44 (Permitted Obstructions in Required Yards or Rear Yard Equivalents) shall not be included in LOT COVERAGE.