A CORNER LOT is either a ZONING LOT bounded entirely by STREETS, or a ZONING LOT which adjoins the point of intersections of two or more STREETS and in which the interior angle formed by the extensions of the STREET LINES in the directions which they take at their intersections with LOT LINES other than STREET LINES, forms an angle of 135 degrees or less.

In the event that any STREET LINE is a curve at its point of intersection with a LOT LINE other than a STREET LINE, the tangent to the curve at that point shall be considered the direction of the STREET LINE.

The portion of such ZONING LOT subject to the regulations for CORNER LOTS is that portion bounded by the intersecting STREET LINE and lines parallel to and 100 feet from each intersecting STREET LINE. Any remaining portion of a CORNER LOT shall be subject to the regulations for a THROUGH LOT or for an INTERIOR LOT, whichever is applicable.