A BUILDING is any structure which:
(a) is permanently affixed to the land;
(b) has one or more floors and a roof; and
(c) is bounded by either open area or the LOT LINES of a ZONING LOT.

A BUILDING shall not include such structures as billboards, fences, or radio towers, or structures with interior surfaces not normally accessible for human use, such as gas holders, tanks, smoke stacks, grain elevators, coal bunkers, oil cracking towers, or similar structures.

A BUILDING may, for example, consist of a SINGLE-FAMILY DETACHED residence, a TWO-FAMILY RESIDENCE, either a row house or a series of row houses (depending on location of LOT LINES), a row of garden apartments with individual entrances, or an apartment house; a single store or a row of stores (depending on location of LOT LINES); or a single factory or a loft.