(1) is clearly incidental to or secondary to the RESIDENTIAL USE of a DWELLING UNIT or ROOMING UNIT;
(2) is carried on within a DWELLING UNIT, ROOMING UNIT, or ACCESSORY BUILDING by one or more occupants of such DWELLING UNIT or ROOMING UNIT, except that, in connection with the practice of a profession, one person not residing in such DWELLING UNIT or ROOMING UNIT may be employed; and
(3) occupies not more than 25 percent of the total FLOOR AREA of such DWELLING UNIT or ROOMING UNIT and in no event more than 500 square feet of FLOOR AREA.

In connection with the operation of a HOME OCCUPATION, it shall not be permitted:
(1) to sell articles produced elsewhere than on the premises;
(2) to have exterior displays, or a display of goods visible from the outside;
(3) to store materials or products outside of a principal or ACCESSORY BUILDING OR OTHER STRUCTURE;
(4) to display, in an R1 or R2 District, a nameplate or other SIGN except as permitted in connection with the practice of a profession;
(5) to make external structural alterations which are not customary in RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS; or
(6) to produce offensive noise, vibration, smoke, dust or other particulate matter, odorous matter, heat, humidity, glare, or other objectionable effects.

HOME OCCUPATIONS include, but are not limited to:

fine arts studios
professional offices
teaching of not more than four pupils simultaneously, or, in the case of musical instruction, of not more than a single pupil at a time.

However, HOME OCCUPATIONS shall not include:

advertising or public relations agencies
barber shops
beauty parlors
commercial stables or kennels
depilatory, electrolysis, or similar offices
interior decorators' offices or workshops
ophthalmic dispensing
real estate or insurance offices
stockbrokers' offices
veterinary medicine.